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Teaching Heart-Centered Artists how to lay a foundation of success on which to build a business that grows easily and profitably. No more struggle or scarcity!

My fellow artists

If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to make more money and keep building the business of your art
– then we really need to talk.

You see, after I took my own jewelry business to a very high level of success I started getting tons of requests to coach artists with their marketing and business – and I’ve pretty much always turned them down.

However, back in 2011, I launched the Artful Success Program. It was a “raving” success.

I realized how much I really love to help artists succeed and make more money! (I’m actually freakishly good at it too!)

Pam Hurst

I was very hesitant to start this program as I have completed some similar programs and was expecting it to be repetitive to what I had already learned.

In just the first week I was making changes in my business that were showing results.

After finishing the Artful Success program, I was able to strategically plan exactly where I wanted my art and business to go.

The program gave me the skills to know what and how to change the things I was doing.

The program also allowed things that were more abstract to become much more clear. For example: the fine details of how to set up your website, what to put in it, what NOT to put in it, colors, etc.

And mostly, the willingness of Tonya to be so supportive and helpful, sharing her knowledge and resources.

After making a few changes, I have at least doubled my prior income and doors keep opening up for me, sometimes without even trying.

This was the best investment in my business I have made to date.

Pam Hurst

Really, though, what I discovered was this: most artists are a lot like I used to be: you're tired of trying to do it all.

You're sick of feeling so overwhelmed. Maybe you are feeling unsure about the direction of your work and branding of your business.

I bet you wonder if you need to revamp your line, move in a new direction or simply where to start? You know you want to "take it to the next level" but what does that even mean?

If this sounds like you, then here's a question for you:

Are you ready to make your future different?

If your answer is YES – then I have amazing news for you!

Finally, you can take part in a program created EXPRESSLY for artists BY an artist!

That means everything will be presented in a way that you'll actually understand.

Together you and I will build your profits, and help you create a renewed sense of passion and pleasure for the business of your art!

Hey, I've been where you are now. I understand the life of an artist. I understand YOU.

And I want to tell you: You really can let go of the stuff you weren't meant to be doing.

You really CAN learn to market yourself and your work to bring in LOTS more money. And YES, you can finally let go of the panic around money and business.

Juanita Burton

When I met Tonya Davidson in 2005, I was immediately drawn to her. I have always felt Tonya is very trustworthy, professional and has high integrity – that means a lot to me. She is also a very knowledgeable, giving, and supportive teacher and mentor.

Fast-forwarding, I had been creating and selling my designs for over 5 years; yet as a businesswoman I always felt like I was stumbling around in the dark.

Tonya's guidance has been like finding my flashlight.

The Artful Success Program came into my life at a critical time for me. Over the previous 2 years, there were changes in my personal life that interrupted my creativity and stalled my jewelry business goals.

Just as I was ready to give up, the Artful Success program was announced. I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  I immediately signed up and waited anxiously to begin.

Tonya's program provided practical tools that have given me focus and clarity. Since the calls, videos, and worksheets are downloadable, I can easily review at my convenience. I am so grateful for her sharing and her knowledge. Tonya teaches you to work smarter – not harder.

Within the first few sessions, I was feeling changes and seeing results.

Six months after starting the program, I had doubled my gross sales and production from the previous year.  This was the best investment in my business I have made to date.

Tonya, thank you for making the Artful Success program so fabulous and memorable!

Juanita Burton

"You Can Finally Let Go of the Panic Around Money and Business."

I was a struggling artist. I was also a struggling retail store owner (pretty much, I was just "struggling!").

Very, very slowly I discovered the exact steps to turn that around. Through years of trial and error, I've learned how to do business differently to actually make money.

I turned it all around and made my business wildly successful.  I've consistently made seven figures the last six years because of the strategies I have implemented and blueprint I follow.

Once this started happening, artists kept asking me how I did it – and how they can do it.

I realized how much I loved to help artists succeed. And the bottom line is that I feel a deep desire (almost a duty!) to serve others by sharing my knowledge and experiences.

So I've taken my in-the-trenches experience (trade shows to galleries to online sales), my college degrees, and all the coaching, educational and marketing programs I've attended, and combined them into an actual program EXCLUSIVELY FOR ARTISTS.

I designed this step-by-step, easy to follow, program, just for artists, to share with you how clarity, marketing and foundational systems can turn anything around making even the smallest business profitable.

"I Love to Help Artists Succeed"

Sherrie Brittig

Not long after I had decided to leave my day job to start my own jewelry business, I received notice of a new program, Artful Success, being offered by Tonya Davidson. I hesitated to sign up at first, but decided it would be a worthwhile investment. Am I glad I did!

This program literally walked me through setting up my own business – from setting goals to building good habits to pricing work to website design and use of social media to engage customers. Tonya includes great practical tools to bring focus and clarity, and to help us plan and assess. She is a very caring and giving mentor, and has valuable insight stemming from her own experience as a successful business owner.

Just a few weeks after launching my website, I made my first sale! Within a few short months of completing the Artful Success program, I had established my business and was filling orders for my work. I'm looking forward to increased productivity and sales this year as I continue with the foundations I learned from Tonya!

Sherrie Brittig

This blueprint has allowed me to continue to grow my business and thrive with phenomenal profits through four years of recession and even a difficult personal loss in my life.

This is not one of those boring programs taught by some business executive gallery type feeding you a bunch of theory and lofty ideas!

This is an actual step-by-step process taught by someone who has walked in your shoes and understands your challenges – teaching you practical and proven success secrets.

So here's your opportunity to take action this year and make this your best year ever! Success is for those who take decisive action.

Creative Blessings,

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Bonus Module AND Module 1:
Tools of the Trade:
Fill up your toolkit with essentials for success!

Important Note: Get the Bonus Module and Module 1 for free when you purchase 3 or more other Foundations Modules. Do not

Module 1

We all know that preparation and a solid foundation is the key to success. Education and practice are not enough. The ability to do your genius work and share it with the world depends on your foundational tools! Feel less overwhelm when you get a more balanced and simplified schedule, confident mindset, and hone in on a focused plan for actionable step to your goals. It'll be like a breathe of fresh air, blown into your business!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • how to get more done working less
  • how to clear the obstacles for more creative abundance
  • practical tools to help you show up with confidence and purpose each day
  • PLUS, you'll get valuable downloadable handouts of how-to's, and practices

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Module 2:
Get Productive and Get Organized:

Systems for your business

Module 2

Do you find yourself wishing you had help? Do you spend a lot of your time reacting to things that have happened to or in your business? I bet you ask yourself, how does "so and so" get it all done? How do they do shows, online sales, and still have time to create?

Creatives don't like to be reined in by systems. Most of us don't even KNOW what a is a system? (Pssstt….it is the secret to enormous success). Build your systems and your business will run without that overwhelm. Imagine spending more time creating and less time dreading "the business".

Concrete skills you'll learn:

  • easy ways to increase your productivity and focus
  • how to find a team or assistant and hiring techniques that you can afford
  • how to figure out your ROI (return on investment) and what it means to your business
  • easy organizational steps for your business and techniques to keep things flowing smoothly
  • how to create new habits and mindset

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Module 3:
Clarity: Creating Your Own Story

Module 3

It's great to be able to make beautiful art, but now what?  There's lots of beautiful items out there for sale.  They have no story.  No way to connect with the buyer.  Without that connection there is no buyer.

Here's a look at just a few of the essential skills you'll learn:

  • what's the difference between marketing and branding
  • specific and powerful clarity tools empowering you to understand your customer, your story and how to communicate to sell effectively
  • how to market your story
  • develop your visual vibe
  • how do you write an Artist Statement and a Passion (Mission) Statement
  • PLUS, more tools and downloadable handouts to put these practices in place

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Module 4:
Clarity: Heart-Centered Marketing – Engaging Your Customer

Module 4

Do you know the difference between a mission statement and a passion statement?  How do you hook in your customer and stand out among all the other artists?  Artists are a needle in a haystack.  Without being "sales" and pushy, how do you engage them?

You'll learn:

  • authentic ways to market your business
  • you will explore ways to develop a niche for your voice
  • explore ways to be likable and persistent
  • engage them with customer process boards
  • identify your social epidemics
  • formalize your call to action
  • build your list
  • how to avoid the wrong customer
  • and yes, more handouts and exercises

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Module 5
Selling Successfully: Connecting your Story with Income

Module 5

Imagine being able to sell everything you make and not be able to keep up with demand. It's possible! It doesn't magically happen, but the "magic" is in the story and the ability to sell that story. No top hat or rabbit required for this module, but you'll feel like you were given that magic wand.

A sprinkling of what you'll learn:

  • how to brand yourself and your business
  • an easy and heart-centered approach to selling without being "salesy"
  • essential things to know about shows and whether you should do them
  • and yes, more handouts and resources

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Module 6:
The Tipping Point: Pricing your Work

Module 6

Sally Shopper likes and is attracted to your work. Yet she walks out of your booth or clicks off your sale site. Did you lose the sale over the price?

Pricing is not only about being too high, but also about being too low. How do you find this magical tipping point? How do you make sure you cover all your expenses and actually make a profit? Do you know if you are profitable, what your profit margin is, or even how selling that item effects your bottom line?

Essential techniques you need to learn (and I will teach you):

  • how to figure out your cost of goods, profit margin, and price points
  • developing different levels of targeted purchasing points
  • the psychology of pricing
  • Plus handouts and loads of sample sheets

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Q: If I’m not a jewelry artist, will I benefit from this program?

A: Absolutely! This program is a holistic approach to your life and your art practice.

Anyone interested in improving their business, even if it wasn’t in art, would benefit from the module lessons and insights provided.

The examples I will provide will be mostly jewelry oriented, but I’m happy to provide ideas, tips and examples that are broader depending on who is taking the program and their goals.

Yes, I’d like to register for all of the classes now!