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Patrik Kusek – Master Muse Challenge #49

Wonderfully detailed and imaginative, Patrik does it again in with this piece of art jewelry! He challenges you to use syringe in a way that is both an embellishment and an integral part of the design. The syringe metal clay allows you to make tiny tendrils and vines, faster and easier than with clay. Efficient and a good use of type of metal clay!Continue Reading

Patrik Kusek – Master Muse Challenge #43

Patrik’s bracelet is wonderful and shows yet an innovative way to articulate panels using a different type of hinge. This gives you a little more leeway in the way that it lays and moves on the wrist than precision pin-set hinges. Two different looks and two different approaches. Patrik’s use of texture and gold accents set this bracelet apart from most. Fun and delicious to wear!
Continue Reading

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