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Hot Connections Jewelry: The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques Book Review

Do you love to solder? Jennifer Chin’s book has great projects that are both contemporary & fun. You’ll pick up a trick or two in this simple and easy book! Find out what I loved about it in this book review just for you!Continue Reading

6 Fantastic Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Classroom Experience

Do you find it frustrating to spend your time and money on classes and then find later you can’t remember how to do all the steps of a technique. You go back to review your notes and it seems like a martian had taken over because they make no sense? I’ve got 6 great tips for you, so you can make the most of your learning experiences!Continue Reading

Fun Demos at CHA

New from CHA, this is a great product that will change the way we transfer pictures to all kinds of material. Perfect for transfering to polymer clay, metal clay (patterns for piercing), to fired metal, and clay! I'm very excited about this new product and all of its possibilities. Continue Reading

Tool Review: A Super Tool Bag!

Okay…I must admit I couldn't choose between the pink one or the zebra.  I tested out the All Purpose Wheeled-Carrier to the Enamel Society Conference with all of my tools, Ultralites, enamels and more.  It breezed through the subway, the escalators, steps and more.  It was so handy in class.  The zippers go all theContinue Reading

Tip Tuesday- Slats

Ever wonder how we came to use slats for measuring how we roll out clay?  I guess we had to have something to give us a guide for thickness prior to firing.  Playing cards are handy and inexpensive, right?   Even though they are cheap the card certainly can get boring and frustrating.  You'll quicklyContinue Reading

Eye Protection

It's confusing what eye protection you should wear. We all know, duh, that our eyes are really important. We want to make sure we protect them. It's a no brainer to wear clear safety glasses when we are using the drill, sanding, etc. What about when we are using the torch, the kiln, etc? ThisContinue Reading

What's your bench look like?

For years I worked on different counters and tables.  They all worked just fine.  However, I found the more space I had, the more mess I made.  The more mess I made the less I wanted to sit down and work.  I find I just can't play if my space isn't clean.   I foundContinue Reading

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