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Tip Tuesday- Repairs

At a recent class I taught, a students ring didn't fit quite right.  So we decided we'd try and make it a bit larger.   This is usually not a problem and with repeat annealing, I've made rings two sizes larger with no breakage.  However, this ring was constructed as a Double Fired Ring and… Continue Reading

Tip Tuesday-Photopolymer Plates

Tip Tuesday-Photopolymer Plates

I had a customer ask me yesterday how do you wrap your head around the process of making photopolymer plates.  How do you decide what the image should look like before you start so you end up with the right convex (relief) or concave (recessed) design?  What a great question that I struggle with as… Continue Reading

Virtual Sketching

Okay, I must admit to being a complete computer dunce. My 12 year old even makes me look pitful….but alas he takes after his computer genius father. Which brings me to another new goal this fall is to become more computer savvy especially with photoshop or a similar program. I've just had my eyes opened… Continue Reading

Bronze Clay

Bronze Clay….it's all the rage and will be debuted at the PMC Guild Conference! Most can hardly wait. It's got quite a buzz surrounding it! The inventor, Bill, was the most popular man at the Bead and Button show in June with women even asking for his autograph. From what I've been told, every attendee… Continue Reading

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