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Do You C+C+C with Other Artists?

Did you know that batteries in series will provide more power than in singles? It's the same with our brains. By collaborating with others or masterminding you create new energy, recharge your own battery and fill your soul! Read more about how the Whole Lotta Whimsy Sunday Social Circle Group created the Charms for Charity Joplin Relief Fund and how you can be part of the betterment of the global community! Continue Reading

Creating at CHA

I look forward to attending the show because it takes me out of the usual environment of my industry (jewelry tools and supplies) and places me in an environment purely based on creativity and materials (not techniques and tools). I'm also presented with materials not normally used in jewelry creations. Continue Reading

Master Muses!

What are the Master Muses? They are 10 amazing artists on Whole Lotta Whimsy's exclusive design team. They will be submitting 60 weeks of consecutive tutorials on different challenges covering themes, techniques, and materials. Join us to learn a new technique, use a new material, or try something new and exciting.
Continue Reading

Exciting News!

Extra Extra…read all about it.  We've got some exciting news at Whole Lotta Whimsy.  I can't wait to share it with you, Tuesday nite.  Yep, late tomorrow nite.    I hope you'll come check it out!  Spread the word.   If that wasn't exciting enough, we've also been at the Craft and Hobby Association show… Continue Reading

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