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Ruth Baillie – Master Muse Challenge #51

Just in time for the Easter holiday. What a joyful piece! "This project utilizes one of the bird’s eggs that I found last year. The jacket pin shows a silver bird, just coming out of his egg in a nest. I lovely reminder for us to break out! And as with all baby birds, they have seemingly large mouths that seem to glow a golden color, and thus I added some gold to his beak using keum boo." ~ Ruth Continue Reading

Vickie Hallmark – Master Muse Challenge #48

For a burst of brilliant color in your metal clay jewelry, try enamel. Cloisonne is a traditional decorative technique for enameling on metal, where small compartments (cloisons in French) are created by attaching fine wires to a backplate. The compartments are then filled with kiln-fired vitreous enamel, applied as finely ground particles of glass by a method of wet packing. Syringe type metal clay offers the perfect tool to easily construct cells in complex patterns onto a metal clay support. Continue Reading

Barbara Becker Simon – Master Muse Challenge #47

Barbara said "For this project I wanted to bring back a syringe technique I played with in 1999 when I made my first metal clay fish bead. I had just finished a cake decorating class and saw the kinship between the pastry bag and tip and the syringe! Yikes, that’s eleven years ago and I think it’s still a fun texture; hope you will too!”
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Donna Penoyer – Master Muse Challenge #46

"The word 'piercing' in metal work, though most often referring to what one does to sheet metal with a jeweler’s saw, instead reminds me of pushing a nail or skewer through something, such as in the making of those punched tin lanterns that cast patterns of light on the walls. When I got this assignment, my imagination immediately went toward a lantern shape, in the round, which I thought would make a lovely pendant and a challenging piercing experiment.
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