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7 Ways to Make Heart-Centered Connections & Improve the Outcome of Your Experience

This summer are you going to be attending a conference, class or joining a new forum and are not sure how you'll fit in? Connecting with others is a gift of possibilities. Collaborating and creating new and interesting experiences in your life is a door opening to great opportunities. So step outside your comfort zone and make the most of these gifts. Step through the door and make the most of it. It might just be the best thing ever for your career or your life! Continue Reading

Marketing idea for your purse!

Your brand should always be on your mind. How can you get your brand impression seen by others a minimum of 7-20 times so they can take action and buy? Well, here is a great idea for your purse or toolbox. I don't sell them but wanted to share this as an idea for you to help your business expand its sales and success! Continue Reading

Art of Marketing You- First Impressions-part I

In the last installment of The Art of Marketing You blog, I wrote about strengths and weaknesses.  Good thing we have an opportunity to improve weaknesses.   Improvements are more readily noticed with things that need the most improvement versus things that are just being fine tuned, our strengths.  Unfortunately, the things that are noticed first,… Continue Reading

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