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(part 3) 10 Ways to Play Full Out at Being a Professional Artist

As an artist, pricing is the hardest thing to say “I nailed it”. Is it too high, too low, cover my overhead, make me a profit, etc. Is your price congruent with your ideal client market? Getting your ideal client identified makes it much easier to price your work. Plus knowing what your actual costs are and providing a profit margin is key! Continue Reading

Do You Forecast Your Sales? How Are Those Numbers Aligning With Your Goals?

Forecasting your sales may seem boring, but winging it is the fastest way to fail in your business. Reverse engineering your goals, removing what isn’t necessary, and focusing on the action steps to get to the goal is the secret formula. Easy to do once you put hand to paper and get everything out in front of you. Add a little math….presto you’ve got a plan! Continue Reading

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