What are you really selling?

STANDoutWhat are you really selling?

Are you selling metal, stones, fiber, paint, canvas…?

Of course you aren’t.

Apple doesn’t sell computer chips, ram, or aluminum. They sell dreams.
Disney doesn’t sell rides. They sell magic.
Nike doesn’t sell shoes. They sell motivation.
The Melting Pot doesn’t sell fondue. They sell a romantic experience.

Artists don’t sell materials.

Here are 3 great questions you can ask yourself to improve your brand.

Getting clear about your why, is key to engaging those who are a best match for your brand offering (the what).

  1. Write in 400 words or more, how your customers wants to view the world. Paint a picture. Be descriptive of what they yearn to Be, Do, Have and Become. (revisit the A.C.E. – Alignment Compass exercise for helpful tips on how to do this)

  2. List 10 ways that your work fits into this picture. What in your work appeals to how they want to see the world, how they want to experience life, and how they want to feel as they experience you or your product.

  3. Using your senses and your heart connection, paint (in words) your ideal client a picture of what it would be like to wear your work or display it in their home.

If you are needing a great example of this, check out the following blog:

Jillian Lukiwski paints a very clear picture about a life that her ideal clients would love to have, that she is fortunate enough to live. To be free, to be in nature, to be surrounded by love (a good man and furry souls) and to be creative.

We all want to escape for even just a day, or longer, to have her experiences. We connect with her because it’s what we long for, it’s how we’d like to be, etc. We then associate her product with those emotions and the sale is a natural progression of that sequence.

There is no hard sell. No gimmicky yucky marketing. No pushing… just pulling or magnetizing you to her message.

Now if you are not her ideal client, you won’t be attracted to this, but you will be able to see it modeled for you as a great example of successful branding.

When she writes you experience the way her clients want to see the world, and how she wants you to see the world. You see it, taste it and live it with her. She shares her own life, her studio, her inspiration as well as her new pieces she creates. Which are scooped up right away.

Imagine creating work that is sold upon completion! The reason why?

You become a master storyteller of your:
S.oulful superpower why
– you T.ouch your ideal client in a way that connects and engages
– you share your A.uthentic Purpose Story with them
– you fill the N.eed they have….to look beautiful with your masterpiece empowering how they feel about themselves or their home
– you D.ifferentiate yourself through the design of your marketing communications and visual representations (branding)

This is how you successfully achieve sales with your work as a natural progression of sharing your heart and your head, the 18” path to branding. This is how your brand can STANDout™!

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