Is Your Art a 4 Letter Word, “Work”? 3 Ways to Love Your “Work”

workIs your art a 4 Letter word?

By that I mean “work”.

I’m sure you go thru phases where it’s fun, especially when you are in the flow. Then there are times when it’s a must-do (usually before shows or when a project is due). This is normal, so breathe and reset your mindset with the 3 Ways to Love Your Work.

3 Ways To Love Your Work:

1) Your Work Fills a Pain… Yes, That’s Right

Last week one I was working on one of my clients branding for her website and one of the questions I asked her was “what would be the pain for one of her clients if they weren’t able to buy her products (art)”.

I’m sure we are all familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. However, we are driven more by what we want than what we need. For most of us, the truly blessed, we assume we are going to eat, we have a bed, and we have water. Today what drives us is what we want.

We have 5 basic wants:

we want things that make our life easy, fast, and simple (cars, computers, blenders, tv’s, cell phones, etc)
  2. we want to be comfortable (chairs, beds, shoes, clothes, etc)
  3. we want to stay busy and never be bored (games, places to go, things to do, books, etc)
  4. we want to be accepted and fit in (the right clothes, shoes, purses, house, furnishings, hair, makeup, etc)
  5. we want to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Remembered™ to increase our worth in society (notice what jewelry I am wearing that makes me feel confident and beautiful, notice the furnishing that show my status, notice my body and how strong, fit and beautiful I am)

So there isn’t really a need for your product or artwork but there has become a want… which is more powerful!

So focus on those that really want your product and really, it’s what they need. How can you best serve them? If we always come from a place of service, we have a different mindset.

2) Be Productive – It Feels Good

When I am not productive, it feels horrible. Maybe I let 2 hours slip by reading social media or watching tv. So when I sit to “work” and don’t really let it flow, I’m now pushing or forcing it. The “work” then becomes punishment for the lack of focus.

If I looked at the “work” as time to share and express my gift, to serve others, then the work becomes a happy experience that I love! It makes focusing easier. Especially if I batch that “work” for a certain time and that’s all I do during that time. Then I reward myself, after being productive, with something that’s fun, like social media, playing with my furrballs, etc.

So changing the mindset can make us more productive by allowing us to focus on what’s going to make us feel the best!

3) FEAR Whatever is Keeping You From Getting Things Done

F.ace It
E.rase It
R.eplace It

Face whatever is keeping you from getting things done. Then erase it and replace it with what you want to have happen. Sounds easy right? And here’s how it can be!

You ask yourself some simple questions. Is that “xxx” true?

“Is it true that I cannot solder and that is why I do not want to work today”?
“Is it true that I am not creative so I cannot make anything today”?
“Is it true that I am not talented enough to make that piece that I was going to start today to enter into Bead Dreams?”

After facing that inner fear, which most likely stems from a lack of confidence or self-worth, turn and say to yourself:

“I am erasing the thought that I am not talented. I have studied my technique, prepared properly and the Divine gave me enough talent to make a masterpiece that is perfect for my ideal client.”

Then replace it:

“I am prepared with an idea for a fabulous piece I am going to create that will show my skills, creativity and artistry. I will easily execute the piece and finish with plenty of time to photograph it, and properly package it to be shipped.”

Now you are ready to work. There is nothing that would comfort you more than success! Not social media, a nap, reading a book or laying out in the sun.

It’s just one changed thought, one new mindset, repeated by another and you are that much closer to realizing that “work” is not a bad word.

Your work is your love. Work is a contribution to society. So go enjoy the work!

“A job is what you do for a paycheck. Work is what you do for a life.” ~ E. Madargh

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