Time to Give Yourself and Your Business a Checkup!

I’ve always resisted participating in New Year’s resolutions. They made me feel bad because I always dream big and when I didn’t accomplish these huge resolutions/goals, I felt like a failure.

Never set yourself up for failure willingly!

It took me several years to realize that I wasn’t reaching these goals because I had no solid plan to achieve them. No guidance, no reminders… no compass points.

A compass is: not only an “instrument containing a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it”. But it’s also “to attain or achieve; accomplish: obtain”.

So in 2010 I developed a tool that I shared with my community called the A.C.E. (Alignment Compass Exercise) as a way to ACE your year.

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What I came to realize is that this tool really is best used at least twice a year. Just like a company who does quarterly reporting, semi-annual inventory counting, etc. We will receive better results when we spend a couple hours, twice a year, evaluating our compass points or our goals.

The A.C.E. tool helps you determine what you:

  • Want to Be
  • Want to Do
  • Want to Have
  • Want to Become

The hundreds of people that have completed this complimentary tool have raved about the results. However, once you’ve completed it, in order to get the full results you need to:

  • Post the Compass Words
  • Share them (publicly, with friends, or with family)
  • Make something that can be seen or worn with your Compass Words (your subconscious can then help you work on them)

So this is your opportunity to share your Compass Words here on this blog. We’ll then hold space and support you in rocking the second half of 2013!

As a added incentive, because I like to reward action takers, I’m going to be giving away a few door prizes in July for anyone that participates.

So please share the idea, send them to get their own tool and encourage them to post.

The more action takers we get, the more I will give away!

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