Resins – Easy Mixed Media!

Resin PieceResins have been really popular for the last couple years, but if you still haven't tried it, I'd love for you to experience the medium!

It is an easy medium, adding color and even texture to your piece. The piece above has both a pour in place technique over an old photo and the bottom has molded resin.

I took polymer and sculpted a feather element, like her headdress. I then made a mold of that using 2 Part Liquid Mold Putty. After demolding, I set the molded piece into colored resin.

I've included a pdf instruction sheet but we also have a 10 minute video of the process as well to help guide you through the process. Think of it as a complimentary $125 class!

To view the video, sign up for the Take Flight Four Pack, in the upper right hand corner. It's absolutely F*R*EE. Another $85 valued item.

You'll receive the 5 Key to Aligning Your Artistic Compass tool first, 3 days later the Resin Video and then in 3 additional days, you'll receive a 13 minute Enameling Made Easy Primer video. The Take Flight Four Pack also includes the Take Flight ezine. All complimentary!

Hope you enjoy trying something new to spark your creativity. Even if you decide not to incorporate it into your work, often trying a new technique will further your own work by allowing your brain to see things differently.

Who couldn't use a little creative jump start!

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Click Here to View the PDF on Resins

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8 Responses to Resins – Easy Mixed Media!

  1. i bought the resin and its been calling to me but ive been sidetracked…..i will have to definately try it now!!! thanks for posting.

    • Hi Linda,

      You can view it over and over again until we change the password. So feel free to view it again!

      Once you receive the email with the link, click it and go enter the password and view again. Just keep that link that we sent you in your Take Flight Four Pack FREE offer!



  2. I love resin and have had so much fun working with it. I have yet to use it in a mold so I can't wait to get and watch the video.
    Thanks again Tonya,

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