Do You Want to Win a Door Prize?

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Artful Success - 5 Must-Have Components to Building Profits Box

My good friends at Rio Grande, Metal Clay Supply, Crafted Findings, Objects and Elements, Makins, Robert’s Real Faux Bone and of course, Whole Lotta Whimsy have donated amazingly good tools and supplies.  These will be awarded as door prizes for those that attend Artful Marketing: 5 Must-Have Components to Building Profits FREE class on July 10th and July 14th, 2012!

How can you be entered to win?  Sign up and attend one of the classes on either date!  But you need to sign up today!

8 of the items will be randomly awarded to those that attended the class:

  • Whole Lotta Whimsy – Hadar Clay and a Graduated Slat Set ($44.50 Value)
  • Makins – Professional Stainless Steel Extruder ($50.00 Value)
  • $100 Gift Certificate from Paragon
    good towards the purchase of a Kiln
  • $50 Gift Certificate from Objects and Elements
  • Rio Grande – One Pack of 25gm PMC3 ($56.78 Value)
  • Whole Lotta Whimsy – Set of 3 Master Muse Tutorials ($105.00 Value)
  • Whole Lotta Whimsy – Set of 3 Books ($63.00 Value)
  • Whole Lotta Whimsy – 2 DVDs ($54.00 Value)

Then those that sign up for the program will have the special opportunity to win these 4 fabulous door prizes:

  • Crafted Findings – Riveting Tool
  • Faux Bone Starter Kit and Faux Bone Ring Kit ($78.50 Value)
  • $100 Gift Certificate from Rio Grande
  • $100 Gift Certificate from Metal Clay Supply
    good towards the purchase of Quick Art Products

***freight is not included and will have to be paid by winner***

Over $700 in door prizes! Thanks to these wonderfully generous friends who support Artful Success and our community of artists!

Please watch the blog for the announcements of the winners. They will be drawn at random and then verified that you attended the call!

3 Master Muse Tutorials

$104.91 Value by Whole Lotta Whimsy



Faux Bone Starter Kit and Faux Bone Ring Kit

$78.50 Value by Roberts’ Real Faux Bone



$50 gift certificate to buy Ice Resin, supplies or tools

by Objects and Elements



Set of 3 Books

$63.00 Value by Whole Lotta Whimsy



Hadar's Clay and Graduated Slat Set

$44.50 Value by Whole Lotta Whimsy



25gm PMC3 Clay

$55 Value by Rio Grande



$100 Gift Certificate

by Rio Grande



A Professional Stainless Steel Extruder

$50 Value by Makins



$100.00 Gift Certifcate
Good towards the purchase of QuikArt Products

by Metal Clay Supply



$100.00 Gift Certifcate
Good towards the purchase of a kiln

by Paragon




Riveting Tool

by Crafted Findings



Click here to sign up for the free class!

24 Responses to Do You Want to Win a Door Prize?

  1. Great free class, Tonya. Very informative and really makes you think! Thanks for all your hard work and information.

  2. I'll be thinking and rereading my notes for many days! Thanks for the great class and for sharing your blessings!

  3. thank you tonya for your time and for the information you share. very much appreciated!!!

  4. Thank you so much for taking your time to give this free class Tonya. I learned way more than I thought I was going to this evening. At one point I even looked at the clock and thought – 'Wow! She's going to talk for over an hour!'

    I'm glad I stuck around for all of it Tonya. I too will be thinking very hard about what you said.

  5. The 2 hours went by so fast! And the amount of information given in this free program was amazing. No more trial and error and wasted time trying determine what works. Tonya, thank you for the generous gift of your experiences and knowledge. My brain is so busy I may have a hard time sleeping!

  6. Thank you Tonya for your time and all the great information! Some new and some great reminders about success and marketing. The class is on my wish list!

  7. Thank you, Tonya. Great information presented in a way to inspire us all. And wonderful to hear about your experiences peppered throughout as it makes it seem more doable for all of us. Now to figure out where to start to do more. Thanks again!

    • Start with the Building Profits Tribe Kristin on July 31st and you'll work your way through your entire marketing strategies and get amazing tactics to implement!

      Hope you'll join us 😉

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I am still trying to figure out how to wing it right now. Hopefully, next time it is offered.

        Thanks! Kristin

  8. Tonya, Thanks so much for all the information last night in your online program. So much to think about!

  9. Thanks again for the free Artful Marketing webinar last night, Tonya! Great information, I've already learned so much and great introduction to your class! It's on my wish list for next year, this year I've too much booked to close to the class. Do you think the class will be offered at an earlier time of the year in 2013? See you on Facebook!

    • Thank you Mitzi!

      Currently I have Four Offerings:

      1) The Foundations for Artful Success Live is offered every spring (Feb/March)
      6 modules over 12 weeks (see content here:

      2) The Building Profits for Artful Success Live will be offered late summer. (currently being offered now, starts July 31st)
      6 modules over 12 weeks (see content here:

      3) I'm having a live event in Feb 2013 in Tucson, during the Tucson Gem Show that you won't want to miss. ($497 ticket included in any of the above programs)

      4) The 2012 Foundations for Artful Success Toolkit is now available as a home-study program. You can purchase individual toolkits or the whole program. If you purchase the whole program you have access to the FAS Alumni FB Forum and you get a ticket to the live event! (see #1 for link to info)

      There are more things coming in 2013! Some really great things 😉

  10. Thank you, Tonya. I appreciated that you offered all this great information for free!
    Good food for thought, and it was a push I needed to use my Facebook account more efficiently.

  11. Thanks for the free class which I have watched twice. Hubby says to take the class but I am worried I am not ready for success. Ugh, such a hard decision.
    I really need that $100 to rio :-)

    • Shannon,

      Can I ask you what "success" means to you?

      Success can be living a more energetic, healthy, happy life with less overwhelm, guilt and anger. Success might be making $40K or $80K or $500K. Success might be having a bigger home, better car, more money in the bank, etc. Success might just mean having not to worry about making your rent and utilities.

      Which one are you sure you are "not ready for"?

      Artful Success illuminates the path and shows you how to put the puzzle pieces together so that you can create more success in all areas of your life. It's a holistic approach to art + business. Once you implement the things I teach, which can take years, depending on how fast you can implement, will allow you more success in every area (health, joy, profits).

      However it's all up to you. I will guide you and support you and teach you. It's up to you to pursue your dream 😉 As my student I'll be your biggest cheerleader and you'll hear me say "Take Action" gobs and gobs of times.

      What's in your heart?

      I will say also that the program will get you very clear about your voice (artistic voice and personal heart voice). I've had students take the program and realize that they don't want to turn their art practice into a business. However, they wrote a testimonial that it (FAS) changed and improved their life in so many other ways. Isn't it better to get clear in 3 months about your path rather than waste years chasing something that won't come together?

      I do believe that you need to have really good foundations (FAS) in place first in order for marketing to be successful. However if you feel like you have that in place then the BPAS is a great place to jump in. It's what I call the ground battle (nuts and bolts of biz) where the FAS is the air battle (mindsets).

      Let me know if you have further questions!

      I know you have talked to several of the alumni. Feel free to click their links from the RAVE page and email them to ask others questions you might have!

      Creative Blessings,


  12. I was just talking to a coworker at what I call my "paycheck job" about wanting to take this artful success course when it hit me that it would be the equivalent of a college course on marketing, but one that was specialized to fit my field. Since my "paycheck job" is at a community college the thought was a favorable one. :-)

    Thinking about it that way has been the tipping point for me. Now I just have to find the money to cover the cost. I think it will be worth it, and I know that I am worth investing in.

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