Bead and Button 2012 Pics!

Bead and Button was a blast this year!  It was my 9th year exhibiting as Whole Lotta Whimsy and my 1st year exhibiting as Artful Success.  I also exhibited one year as Art Clay when it was Embellishment (in Portland).  That seems like ages ago πŸ˜‰

Bead and Button had a new flavor this year.  Seed beads and bling seemed big and popular.  Tools were more difficult to find.  Classes were hopping with energy and attendees were just vibrating bliss.  It was fun!  I even got to attend Meet the Teachers this year and see their great offerings.

I was in a new location this year and very much enjoyed my new neighbors, Kimberly Affleck and Kim Fox.  

It was great fun to walk the floor and take pics (see more pics here) which will be fun to feature in my module this summer on doing trade shows/art fairs (booths -what not to do and what to do) in the Building Profits for Artful Success Program (starts in July!).

Hope you enjoy the photos!  Leave me a comment and lets connect πŸ˜‰

One Response to Bead and Button 2012 Pics!

  1. Tonya, thanks for sharing all the pics. I don't get a chance to travel to the big shows so it is great to get a bit of a peek to study how booths are set up and have a little taste of the excitement in the air.

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