Moving Forward

Written by Birgitta Kastenbaum,
featured guest blogger from the Foundations for Artful Success Program

Foundations For Artful Success Program

Moving forward!

Sometimes the doubt and fear of moving forward is so big it seems impossible to take a step. What step comes first?

In which direction should I move? Should I take a step now or wait?

How am I ever going to get to where I want to be?

What does your picture of “where you want to be” look like?

My picture has me showing up in a BIG way!

In my big picture I am a capable, organized, contributing, loved, respected member of the Fine Arts Jewelry and Healing communities.

In my picture I am balancing this with family time, friends and time to take care of me.  Of course I am also rewarded for my contributions with financial health.

I don’t see the road ahead, I just see where I want to eventually end up.

I am troubled and confused when I look at how to get there, I question my abilities, I question my genius.

Yet when I let go of judgement, my heart knows it is right.

So I am struggling, doubting, fearful but also trusting the plan Tonya with Artful success has laid out for me. When I do my work in the artful success program, I catch glimpses and the doubt and fear fall away for a moment, just long enough for me to look up and see a path to travel. a path to help me get to where I want to go.

They are glimpses, they don’t seem to last long, but I am noticing they are happening more frequently.

Now when I am stuck not knowing how to take the next step, I remind myself of the glimpses I saw and one wobbling step at a time I am moving forward.
It might take me a while, growth takes time, but I am celebrating all my little steps along the way.

I am hoping some of you will choose to wobble alongside me, moving forward towards your own big picture.

By Birgitta Kastenbaum – artwear by birgitta

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