The Strength of the Spoken Word

Written by Birgitta Kastenbaum,
featured guest blogger from the Foundations for Artful Success Program

Foundations For Artful Success Program

I have had this idea of what I want to do with my life.

It has been mostly in my head.  A jumble of thoughts, ideas I was not confident I should speak.

What if people think my ideas were silly?
or even worse doubt I could not make them reality?

But something has shifted, I am feeling confident that my ideas have merit.

I know they have value and deserve a place in my life. I just don’t see how to make it all happen yet.
Little things are happening, coincidences?

Maybe… or maybe the work I am doing in the Foundations for Artful Success Program is shifting my perception of what I am capable of, making me find my voice, allowing me to speak.

I have been sharing, speaking of my ideas and no one seems to think they are silly or doubt my abilities.

So I find myself speaking more and more about my ideas… and somehow unexpected things are coming my way, things are happening!

Opportunities are showing up even though I am not feeling quite ready to jump on all of them.

I am amazed and surprised at how speaking my ideas is helping them become reality.

I am learning that when you speak what is in your heart and allow it to be out in the world magic happens.

Ideas take root and with time, love, patience and guidance they can become real.
The Foundations for Artful Success Program is teaching me a lot more then managing and growing my business.

I am exploring my heart and feeling more confident in sharing my treasures.

Thank you Tonya for showing me that “speaking” what is in my heart is very different from “thinking” about what is in my heart.

The word “gratitude” says it all.

By Birgitta Kastenbaum – artwear by birgitta

2 Responses to The Strength of the Spoken Word

  1. I'm with Lori. I am so upset I missed all the classes. Birgitta, good for you. I think we all understand how you feel.

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