New Experiences and a First

Written by Birgitta Kastenbaum,
featured guest blogger from the Foundations for Artful Success Program

Foundations For Artful Success Program

Yes it is true…
This is my first blog!  

Even though it is one of my short term goals for the 12 week Artful Success Program, I must confess, I have been actively avoiding writing it!


Let me explain, I have a voice in my head that tells me things like this:

"What do you have to say that others would want to listen too?"
"You are not a good writer, you don't have time right now, you should not put anything out there without researching how to write a good blog"
"you can start working on it as soon as your desk is cleared off!"

So here we are, after writing "My First Blog Entry" on my Important List for weeks, I still haven't done it.

I am overwhelmed by how much energy I am putting into NOT doing it.
I think I should stop now before I put myself down even more!

Wait hold on… another voice just got into my head…
I have a visitor: OH my it's Tonya Davidson, my mentor, who let her in?

I am not ready for a visit, look at all this clutter?

But then it would be impolite not to offer her a seat and find out why she came all this way.

"Hi Tonya please have a seat."

"Thank you Birgitta, I am here to remind you to be gentle with yourself and look up on your wall at everything you have posted there to remind you of the things you are learning."

"Thanks Tonya, I forgot to do that this morning and went right back into my old pattern."

Poof she was gone, leaving me starring at my wall.

Here is what I got from looking at my wall covered with printouts from the Artful Success program:

  • I am uncomfortable which means I am in the right place to grow.
  • I am ready to write an imperfect blog and put it out there.
  • I may or may not be a good writer but I have a voice and want to share it.
  • I am making time because this is important to me.
  • I am sitting here trying to swallow the frog that is wiggling around and…I swallowed it.
  • I don't see the end of the road but I have started walking.

Thank you, Tonya, for reminding me to try a new perspective!!!

By Birgitta Kastenbaum – artwear by birgitta

2 Responses to New Experiences and a First

  1. Congratulation Birgitta on your 1st blog entry !
    I loved it. It's AUTHENTIC and REAL ! and you will inspire other with your willingness to reveal yourself and grow.

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