Jonna Faulkner: Muse Personality

Date started working in metal clay:
Certified: (what clay, year and with whom)
January 2000, Art Clay Silver Level 1 with MaryAnn Devos
August 2000, Art Clay Silver Senior with MaryAnn Devos
January 2005, Rio Rewards PMC certification with CeCe Wire
Accomplished at what media in addition to metal clay:
I’ve been on a learning path for metalsmithing with my mentor Deb Jemmott since 2000. I met Deb in my first Art Clay Silver Certification workshop. I love combining the two approaches to metal. I expect I’ll be taking classes with Deb until the day I die because there is so much to learn.
This is a great comfort because I know I’ll never be bored!
Website and short bio:
I come from a family of makers who also love to read. For a very long time, I thought I’d become a novelist but I just couldn’t get past the loneliness of the blank page.
In 1994, a dear friend took me to a class where students were taught how to make Victorian drawstring purses. I also learned to delight in the process of making with my hands in that class.
What a gift!
I explored a variety of media before being captured by metal clay. Through metal clay, I’ve learned that I love teaching, that being alone in the studio is never lonely, and that being in community with others who are passionate about creativity is extremely important to me.
What is your inspiration now?
I just got back from the Yuma Symposium and am feeling really energized. For those who don’t know, the symposium is an annual series of lectures and demonstrations given by recognized artists working in a variety of fields.
I was particularly excited this year by talks given by Helen Shirk and Marlene True. Both are wonderful metalsmiths who rely on their cameras to amass images that intrigue and inspire them. They each juxtaposed some of those images with the work they inspired.
I’m getting out my camera to start on my own library today.
Do you have a muse?
Not in any traditional sense. I have been very lucky to have studied with many wonderful teachers.
What is currently on your bench/workspace?
Silver metal clay pieces to be made into sample pieces for an earring class I’m teaching; Art Clay Copper elements for another class; and a silver metal clay pendant in the greenware state that I started in a Repousse Effects class taught by the fabulous Holly Gage in my studio last week.
I’m looking forward to doing more carving on that piece.
What project/direction are you working on now?
I’m excited about including more found objects in my work.
How much time do you average at the bench per week?
Around 15 hours. I’d like to get more time in the studio and am working on ways to be more disciplined about that.
What's the average time you spend on a piece?
My pieces vary so much that I can’t estimate an average time. Each has its own birthing time.
Do you sell your work?  and where?
Yes. At shows in the past. I’m interested in creating an Etsy site now.
Where do you get your new ideas?

I suspect that we’re all fishing out of the same idea pool. Organic and manmade forms. Trips to the museum. Books on jewelry and sculpture throughout time. Life experiences. Conversations with friends. New jewelry making techniques. How things have color, texture or form in the world.
Do you keep a sketchbook and how do you organize it?
No, I don’t, although I think I should. I sketch in the notebooks I use in classes and on scraps of paper that sometimes get lost.
Are there places or things you avoid that zap your creativity?
I’m lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who support and inspire me. So, I guess I avoid situations where I don’t feel supported.
Do you have a ritual before you begin to create?
What do you collect?
Vintage/antique buttons, tintypes, books, and other little treasures that I can use in my work. Also, tools!!!
How do you rejuvenate your creativity?
Take a class, attend a conference, talk to other jewelry makers, look at books. I’m working on adding “take a walk” to that list.
What would your perfect creative day be like?
Wake up when I’m ready, have a cup of dark hot chocolate for breakfast, spend the day in the studio, eat lunch and dinner prepared by an artist whose medium is food.

7 Responses to Jonna Faulkner: Muse Personality

    • I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jonna for 12 years now. She and I, along with Maria Martinez, were all in one of the very first Art Clay Certification classes in 2000 at the Shepardess (Mary Ann Devos).

      Jonna is one of the sweetest and most lovely human beings! I love her work and her soul. She shares her gifts happily and joyful!

      How awesome is that!

      So be sure to check her out and connect with her. Maybe she'll even comment here on how to connect with her on social media and where her next class is!

  1. I was lucky enough to take the class with Holly Gage at Jonna's studio/home. What a wonderful and talented person Jonna is. I will be taking classes from her hopefully soon. Expect to see beautiful things from her in the future.

  2. I have known Jonna for many years, as a teacher (extremely patient), as a friend and room mate at many classes. She is a friend for life, she gives, she listens, she advises, she is Jonna.

  3. I am so happy to be introduced to Jonna and her work. I love an Artist that designs something that seems so new and original. I have a hard time doing something that looks original so I feel she has a lot to teach. I hope to be in her presence someday.

  4. I feel very blessed to know Jonna as a friend and mentor. She inspires me with her beautiful work. She is a wonderful person, artist and teacher.

  5. Jonna is a great teacher. I took my first metal clay class with her years ago, and still follow her instructions! She has an organic touch and feel to most of her pieces, and is a wonderful, supportive teacher. If you EVER have a chance to take a class from her, jump
    on it, you will learn much and be a better technician and artist for it.

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