Are You Entered to Win These Door Prizes?

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

My good friends at Rio Grande, Metal Clay Supply, Objects and Elements, Makins, Robert’s Real Faux Bone and of course, Whole Lotta Whimsy have donated amazingly good tools and supplies.  These will be awarded as door prizes for those that attend  The Profitable Artist: 5 Essential Ingredients to Being Successful FREE class on Feb 28th and March 3rd, 2012!

How can you be entered to win?  Sign up and attend one of the classes on either date!  But you need to sign up today!

6 of the items will be randomly awarded to those that attended the class:

  • 3 Master Muse Tutorials valued at $104.91 by Whole Lotta Whimsy
  • Faux Bone Starter Kit and Faux Bone Ring Kit $78.50 by Roberts’ Real Faux Bone
  • $50 gift certificate by Objects and Elements to buy Ice Resin, supplies or tools
  • Linda Kaye-Moses book and a Doming Plate valued at $57 by Whole Lotta Whimsy
  • PMC Sterling Clay $55 value by Rio Grande
  • A Professional Stainless Steel Extruder $50 by Makins

Then those that sign up for the program will have the special opportunity to win these 4 fabulous door prizes:

  • PMC Sterling Clay $55 by Rio Grande
  • Set of 2 LKM Doming Plates $62 value by Whole Lotta Whimsy
  • PMC3 25gm clay $57 value by Rio Grande with a LKM Doming Plate $32 value by Whole Lotta Whimsy ($89 total value)
  • A Speedfire Electric Mini Kiln $189 value by Metal Clay Supply

***freight is not included and will have to be paid by winner***

Nearly $800 in door prizes! Thanks to these wonderfully generous friends who support Artful Success and our community of artists!

Please watch the blog for the announcements of the winners. They will be drawn at random and then verified that you attended the call!

3 Master Muse Tutorials

$104.91 Value by Whole Lotta Whimsy



Faux Bone Starter Kit and Faux Bone Ring Kit

$78.50 Value by Roberts’ Real Faux Bone



$50 gift certificate to buy Ice Resin, supplies or tools

by Objects and Elements



Linda Kaye-Moses book and a Doming Plate

$57 Value by Whole Lotta Whimsy



PMC Sterling Clay

$55 Value by Rio Grande



A Professional Stainless Steel Extruder

$50 Value by Makins



PMC Sterling Clay

$55 Value by Rio Grande



Set of 2 LKM Doming Plates

$62 Value by Whole Lotta Whimsy




PMC3 25gm and a LKM Doming Plate

$57 and $32 Value by Rio Grande and Whole Lotta Whimsy



A Speedfire Electric Mini Kiln

$189 Value by Metal Clay Supply



74 Responses to Are You Entered to Win These Door Prizes?

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful session tonight. You are a wonderful speaker and your talk was very engaging. One of my biggest struggles has been the story but an idea came to me tonight that based on your talk and feedback from one of my best clients should really work for me, I cannot wait to try it out. I really appreciate the time you spent with us tonight.

  2. Thank you, Tonya! It was a great free class. I think you're experience is amazing and anyone would be crazy not to consider going through the program! I am not sure if I'm at the absolute yes point, but am giving it serious thought.

  3. Dear Tonya,

    Thanks so much for your free online class. It has inspired me to get organized. Could you mention again the 2 twitter exercizes you do each day. I'm hoping to start wth twitter soon but I'm not quite sure what to say.

    Warmest Regards,


  4. I listened in on the "webinar" this evening and I just want to thank you for sharing your insight and encouragement! I so want to participate in the Foundations for Artful Success. I am asking God if it's what He wants for me. Financially right now is not great, and selling my work is hard to do when I don't have a lot completed. I have more ideas and passion than time or money to invest. I know you can help me so I will bring my request to the Lord and see what He will do.

  5. Exceptionally interesting podcast tonight. You mentioned several major ideas that I have never addressed but are definitely something to consider if I decide to grow my little Etsy venture. I thought your presentation was very concise and clearly presented.

  6. Dear Tonya,

    Tonight's class gave me lots to mull over and confirmation that Artful Success is just what I've been hoping for.
    HECK YES, I'M IN!!!!
    Enrolled, paid and excited to start moving forward!
    My only disappointment is that I won't get to do the first night live, as I'll be on the road for work.

    Can't wait to get started! And thanks for sharing so generously in your free class. For anyone who hasn't registered, it's more than worth your time.
    See you in a couple of weeks.


  7. You inspire me with your generosity of spirit! It is obvious that you have a passion for what you do and for sharing your insight to help others. . I have had a connection with my creative side that I have lost touch with over the years that I want to rediscover. I would love to take your class in the future–right now I feel it's too early in the process for me and is not feasible for me right now financially. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques tonight. You have truly been an inspiration!

  8. I really enjoyed your class tonight and learned a lot. I love Whole Lotta Whimsy and will recommend your business to my students.

  9. I listened intently to the class and came away with so much excitement. My hubby and I leave tomorrow to teach at an Art and Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach and I am going to
    apply the attitude of positive thinking in my classes. Thank you so much.

  10. Tonya – The call last night was insightful and full of great ideas. You have an amazing depth of knowledge and I am very thankful that you have and continue to share it with us.

  11. Barbara,

    The picture comes from Gravatar. You might want to go in and make sure you didn't attach the wrong picture to Gravatar when you set it up. In Module 7 (?) there was an entire tutorial on setting up your Gravatar. I'd look into it and see if you can fix it.

    Is it someone you know?

  12. Tonya, does your course cover whether to Copywrite versus Trademark; what are the advantages of each; and how to determine when you should?

    • Reva,

      I am happy to cover this. We also have 6 live Q&A sessions where you can ask all sorts of things about your business!

      Plus I'm planning on having at least 3 Visiting Experts go deep on issues that pertain to topics we cover that will provide you with thousands of dollars of added value!

      These are my friends, my peers, and some of them my professionals. It looks like we may even have 6 expert interviews during the program. Not officially booked yet, but will know for sure soon!

      I'm packing so much value into this 12 week program for an amazing price!

      Only offering it once in 2012! Deadlines to save $200 and win door prizes worth hundreds of dollars ends Tuesday at midnight!

      • This is probably an odd question, or maybe even humorous. Can you offer some kind of certificate of completion at the end of the course?
        I was recently laid off from my job and they offer up to $5,000.00 for continuing education and so far they have approved any Art Labs and such that I have applied for, but with the evidence of completion being needed for reimbursement.
        Thank you Tonya!

        • I'd be happy to do that! I'll have my team get to working on the certificate.

          To all students are interested in receiving a certificate, I will send out a letter in the starter package (second week) all about the conditions of receiving one (participation in the forum, participation in calls and perhaps even a final review).

          Would love to provide you with your continuing education program! Let me know if you have additional questions…

          If you think others can benefit from the answer, go ahead and ask them here!

  13. I actually listened in both times so far! There is so much in that presentation, and you present it so well-and fast. I told my artist mother about it on Tuesday; she listened today, and is also very excited!

    I'm just starting to kick off my jewelry as more of a business; getting into a studio/gallery starting next month! I am sometimes nervous and doubtful, until I hear your ideas and encouragement! I'm signing up for the Artful Success course now:) Future looks pretty exciting!

  14. I just finished listening to the replay of "The Profitable Artist". As with your newletters,, Ezine, downloads, this was interesting, inspiring and realistic. Sometimes when listening to various programs on creating a successful life, the information is overwhelming and not necessarily practical. I continue my education in the various arts I am passionate about, (beading, jewelry art, ceramic hand building, and gardening, a mixed media gal who loves to combine some or all of these arts) but as you stated at the beginning of your program, the self inflicted negativity surrounding ones ability to market, is a hurdle I yet have to tackle. The adage of "leap and the net will appear" is enticing, yet taking that leap requires yet more self confidence. You provided me, and I am certain others, with some valuable lessons/tools to begin this process. Thank you again. I look forward to your continued newsletters/updates and all the other goodies you email.

  15. Awesome webinar… I learned quite a bit and have even more food for thought. Thank you so much for putting this on!

  16. I just finished the Saturday at Noon(EST) Artful Success presentation…. Thanks so much for reanimating and reminding me of the reasons I started making jewelry in the first place…the Webinar was insightful as well as inspirational….your concepts of speaking to people in a deep and powerful way are WHAT BEING ALIVE AT THIS TIME ON THE PLANET ARE ALL ABOUT…thanks for your invitation to live a larger artistic life…You'll being seeing me real soon. I have a real strong feeling the universe will support it..
    Thanks again Tonya

  17. I was so inspired by the webinar today, I got right up and started the process of getting where I want to be! I have created multiple roadblocks (both physical and mental) to beginning the Artful Success program, but today, have begun removing the roadblocks. The Artful Success Program is my top priority for 2013 and I am not at all discouraged that I am unable to work the program this year. I will see you at Bead & Button and give you the hug you so richly deserve! Onwards and upwards, as they say….

  18. I just finished listening to the replay of “The Profitable Artist”. Thanks for sharing so much information and encouraging artists that they will have success using the right tools and mindset.
    I plan to listen again and look into your workshop. Very inspiring!

  19. Tonya – It was a rich blessing for you to offer this amazing and powerful information to others! I was unable to attend either live event, but am thankful you chose to make the recording available to those of us with unforgiving schedules!

    I really like your ideas and direction – and found several things I either hadn't thought of, or wasn't doing at all. Many of those things revolve around the negative self whiner I have going, and how to implement change. I love the ideas you shared and now have lots to chew on while in the studio over the next few days. You have impacted my thinking and actions in a positive way…and I cannot thank you enough for the rich gifts you have given – not only to me, but to countless others as well! ♥

  20. Dear Tonya
    Thank you sooo much for all the info you gave us all. I was at the first webcast just have not been able to leave a little note untill now!!! After the webcast I just sat there, My head was spinning with all that info. I realized that I needed this. I want more for myself,my family and my jewelry. Sometimes I find it hard to get my work out there. I kick myself in the butt every time I go to price my stuff.I think who in the world is going to afford what I want for it. I have had people litterally drop my jewerly back onto the table and walk away!! (and i was thinking that i was pricing my stuff too cheap as it was) I got very discouraged and now only attend 1 show a year.. Not good for sales. As I was listening to you and writing jot notes it clicked that lady was definately not my type of client
    sadly I cannot attend your classes this year,Iam saving up for when you have another class. Hopefully It won't take me too long. lol can,t wait

    Thank you very much Tonya for letting me sit in on the best information I have ever received.

  21. What a blessing this class was! I learned so much and what an angel you are to offer it for free!

    Thank you so very much for this offering of love! I will apply what I can from all that you provided and hopefully by next year I will be able…no I WILL be able to afford to take your class!

    LOL, I am setting my goals and aspirations high and will get organized and do as much as I can until I can get into your class.

    Blessings to you!

    Sincerely, Liz Hornbrook

  22. Have listened to it twice and now it is safely loaded in my computer. Looking forward to discussing it with my daughter, the jewelry artist. When are we going to hear more about the event at the Tucson Gem Show? Erin and I both want IN! for whatever it is. We just love your can do attitude.

  23. Hi Tonya,
    I listened to your presentation and took notes. I was impressed with your positive attitude and the generosity of your sharing. You totally inspired me! I am going to work on converting my Facebook page from a "placeholder" to something which reflects my personality and passions. I thank you for the encouraging push.

  24. I just had to post to say how grateful I am that there are people out there who are willing to share their gifts. I am trying to save your webinar to my computer to listen to more intently so that I can make sure that I don't miss a thing that you have said. Thank you for being so giving of your gift and being so passionate about your art.

  25. Hi Tonya and everyone else here.
    Once aggain an amazing session. Being here as you know in Australia I don't always get to listen to the live call but find the quality of the recording you supply fabtastic…and that is not a typo LOL.

    To anyone who is still trying to decide whether to invest in this incredible course…do everything you can to amke it possible. I was one of Tonya's 2011 students and do not regret one cent of the money I paid. You get over and above the value Tonya talks about here and the extra knowledge you will gain from the peer support,and the new friends you will make is priceless.

    cheers Sheila

  26. Wow! Thank You!

    I have had the fun of watching Pam Hurst take your teachings and run with them. It has been very inspiring to see the growth in her business.

    Warmest Wishes.

  27. Tonya,

    Thank you for the refresher on all of the wonderful information that you generously give your students. I look forward to participating with all of your new students on the forum.

    Thanks for the creative blessings!

  28. tonya~~~
    thank you for generously sharing your knowledge. i needed this loving kick in the pants :)
    infinite love & gratitude

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed the course! It was full of awesome material! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Tonya!

    Beth Blanc
    Beth Blanc Designs

  30. Listened to your first presentation on Feb 28th. What wonderful ideas and inspiration you provided! Thanks so very much – – with ♥ and gratitude,

  31. I signed up and I am so excited to get started.

    My daughter and I just started a vintage furnishings and custom painting endeavor. We have quietly decided this is not our latest "thing" but something we want to build into a profitable business. We are a little "a feared" to say that aloud.
    A new but serious adventure and the universe presented your free webinar at just the right time.

  32. I was so inspired by the marketing ideas you had that I am completely reworking my show booth. What fun! I am definitely energized. Thanks!

    • Nope not yet! Half will be awarded later this week (we've been a wee bit busy)…and then the remainder later next week!

      Check back!

  33. I listened the first night, and then again with the recording. Thank you, THANK YOU, for the fantastic information. I think I told you in an email, but THIS was the best "prize" of all.

  34. I just got back from teaching and had many great talks with fellow teachers. I think that
    your presentation was a great talking point for all of us and we had some great discussions.
    Thanks again.

  35. I must be looking in the wrong place to see who has won the door prizes. Please direct me where to view the winners.

  36. I want to let everyone know that the prizes will be drawn after March 23rd. We have decided to wait until after that date to do this for many reasons (sign ups, amount of work involved, etc)

    Names will be listed next to the prizes above.

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