Give-away to Blog Participants!

Thank you so much for reading the ezine and the blog.  I'm so appreciative!

I work hard to come up with unique and valuable content to add to your work, your art practice and your life.

So it's valuable to me to hear your feedback, to interact with you.  If you are reading, please participate and connect with me.  You'll also be entered to win the next free giveaway drawing, just as a little bonus!

Congratulations to Cindy (from gogoshebogo) the winner for the December 31st, 2011 drawing!  

Cindy, in order to claim your prize, you will need to email by Monday, February 10th, 2012.


One Response to Give-away to Blog Participants!

  1. Thanks Tonya for the opportunity & guidance to think about my compass words. It was a project in itself and I found that the words do reflect much about what it going on in my life. My Compass Words are Truth, Balance, Simplify and Freedom. Doing this excercise helped me to determine my roadblocks to creativity. I am ready to dive in again creating my wearable arts! Thank you again.
    Laura C.

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