7 Ways to Gain Momentum in Your Life

So maybe you had a tough year. Is that true?

Is it because you didn't meet your goals, you weren't clear about what you wanted, you didn't try your best, work hard enough, make enough money, diet enough, run enough, etc Or maybe you just expected more than you could actually deliver?

A couple years ago I was introduced to the work of Byron Katie, who wrote the book "Loving What Is". She teaches a process of self-discovery called The Work. Essentially you ask yourself "is that true" after you make a statement like "I failed", "She hates me", "I am a phony", etc

I've had what could be perceived as a couple tough years brought on by unexpected personal loss. However, I've also been gifted the best years of my life, during those last two years. The difference? I choose not to say yes, to "is that true" when I ask myself if things have been tough. It's perspective….a mindset.

I'm big on mindset!

When I take the time to reflect, get some introspection, give gratitude, and compare myself to rest of the planet, I am living a great life! It's recognizing these experiences are simply challenges from Source, the Divine, God or the Universe.

I have someone to love and love me back, I have clothes, food, good health, and I'm happy. Everything else is negotiable and a level of expectation I set within myself.

I choose not to focus on the negative because I have momentum pushing me forward toward my goals. Momentum is what carries us forward. It's fuel.

So I want to share with it with you, my 7 Ways to Gain Momentum in Your Life:

  1. Meditate and Get Clear

    Just spending 20-30 minutes sitting quietly and allowing yourself to focus on you, without thinking about kids, laundry, bills, groceries etc. Take time to put pen to paper asking yourself what do I really want for myself and my business? Write down anything that comes to mind. There is no limit. You can always edit later. Do a complete mind dump.

  2. Prioritize

    Decide which items on your list are things are in your top 3. Keep it doable! Completion is key and gives you more momentum!

  3. Mind map out your goals

    Mind mapping is a great diagramming technique and if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. Simply start with one of the desires or goals you wrote down. Write this in the center of a large piece of paper and put a circle around it.

    Then write the major categories of action steps that will be required to accomplish the goals around that stated goal. This could be: call, write, go to, buy, etc.

    Then branch off spokes of those action steps to further bubbles of action steps. Keep breaking it down to bite size action steps.

    Studies show that the connection to the subconscious is through the right side of the brain which thinks in pictures. So as you sketch out your map, include as many pictures and drawings as possible. Cut them out from magazines if needed. Yippee…a collage project!

  4. Do a Time Audit

    Spend a week writing down how you spend your time. At the beginning of every hour write down how you spent the previous hour. Be honest and include all internet surfing, phone calls, unnecessary errands, etc.

    At the end of the week, take a good look at how you spent your time. It'll be an eye-opener. I bet you'll find the Pareto Principal in effect. This means you spend about 20% of your time producing 80% of your success.

    WOW…just wow, huh!

  5. Identify bad habits

    Now that you've done a self-assessment, what would you be able to accomplish if you took more of that wasted time and spent it on activities that truly served your goals?

    90% of our behavior is habit. So if we identify our bad habits, and we decide what's unacceptable, we can make a concerted effort to change those bad habits. We can choose to change or alter our bad habits.

  6. Set a schedule and make systems

    The key to success is scheduling your time. We creative types dislike schedules. We tend to want to go with the flow of things, but this can lead you off your action steps and onto other things that waste your time.

    If you want to create everyday, do this first thing in the am or after working out. Once you start working on email, paperwork, bills, etc, your left brain is engaged. It's really hard for it to let go and let your right brain have it's creative time.

    You'll be amazed how much clarity you'll have and how much you get done when you are working with systems!

    Systems are king (or queen) and should be the foundation of everything we do. Without it, our lives and businesses get top heavy and eventually it topples over. My Artful Success clients love systems now…just ask them 😉

  7. Keeping your eye on the prize

    Celebrate each success! We often associate negative emotions with mistakes and disappointments, but we don't celebrate enough the small or even medium size achievements.

    Associate emotions with completed actions no matter how big or small.

    Surround yourself with anything that reminds you of your success. This could be awards, a chart showing your sales each month, hits to your site, increased bank account, new customers or galleries, etc.

    Make an inspiration board. This is also called a vision board or treasure map. Cut out pictures of things you want to accomplish, inspiring words, places you want to go, etc. Put this in a prominent place so you can see it everyday. We are visual and it's a great reminder….keeping our eye on the prize!

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21 Responses to 7 Ways to Gain Momentum in Your Life

  1. Tonya I so appriciate your guidence and this is such a good time to focus on goals ahead. Thanks again for the stimulation!

  2. Your newsletter/blog are spot on….filled with the perfect mix of inspiration, spirit, business sense and humor!

    I'm new and enjoying them…thank you for this work!

  3. Thank you, Tonya. I really appreciate your 7 ways to gain momentum. It's not that these things are new to me, but you've put them together in a comprehensible, doable, sensible package. I can see how working through these simple, practical steps will give me positive, progressive results. I also appreciate your generosity. I've become very discouraged lately by the increase of the number of "zero-sum" personalities I've encountered in the creative community the past 2 to 3 years. I always felt that creativity belonged to everyone and that we all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before and benefitted from and contributed to the generous spirit of creative people, but it seems to be shrinking and that disturbs me. It has seriously impacted my desire to be part of any creative community, and that's unhealthy. Creative people need to be with creative people. Our work isolates us enough as is. It's nice to once again encounter someone with a generous heart.

  4. I love your ezine and am excited to see it in my inbox each time. Your information is encouraging and most valuable. Thank you Tonya.

  5. Thank you Tonya. This is always a difficult time of year for me. This article could not have come at a better time. I will read this more than once this month and it will keep me on track for the next year.

  6. It's amazing how timely your articles have been. Just when some of the holiday pressure is starting and I'm thinking "poor me", your article comes along and lifts me up and reminds me how blessed I am to be alive and creative and part of the WLW Community. Thanks for the constant reminder what is really important in life.

  7. Great article Tonya!. I too, like to ask myself the question, "Is that true, or is that just a belief I hold?" And then I remind myself that a belief is just a thought I think over, and over and over and over again. And when I am challenging my "belief", I try to pop out of my self and look for examples of it. For example, thousands of women my age are starting their own business, or, I seem to get through the holidays every year, I'll make it through this one as well, or, thousands of people who are thin have over weight parents etc. etc. I just challenge myself into believing anything is possible. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Thank you Tonya for the list, a nice thing to print out to keep it fresh in our minds. My sister was just asking me how do you prioritize all of the stuff we have to do. I shared with her what I learned from you on making a list of what is important and working at only doing those things that get you closer to your goals (easier said than done of course). I will also send her this article because it goes into more detail. As always you are a wonderfully generous person that is always giving "just what we need, when we need it". Thank you, Lori

  9. Thanks so much for the reminders. You have a lot of empathy for a business guru–or a lot of business sense for someone who is involved with communication and people. Either way, your expertise in these fields is appreciated. Enjoy your holidays! Anne

  10. Love this article. I am going to put it into practice and I think it is going to be very beneficial. Thanks.

  11. Thanks and big hugs to you, Tonya, as you once again guide us to sanity. This time of year is always so hectic and rushed that I sometimes wonder if I'm going to make it to the end of the year. Your sage and valuable words put everything into perspective and as I take another deep breath, I am reminded that yes, I will make it. Happy Holidays to you and all of your family and staff.

  12. Hello Tonya, although I have known of you through Whole Lotta Whimsy, I have always thought of you as a Metal Artist. It wasn't until today, while doing research on ways to improve my Jewelry and business that I realized you do so much more! I am struggling with a stale product line, and decreasing income. I look forward to going through your "Take Flight" exercises, and finding my way through the maze.

    Jenny P

  13. A point that hit home is that things can always be worse! These are great starting points for me. I just need to take the first step.

  14. Tonya, your posts have been very apropos for me lately, as well, since we've had quite similar last few years. I finally feel that I'm coming out of the hiatus. Thanks for the useful insights.

  15. Thank you Tonya. What you've shared is so true, we have time that could be put to better use to propel us forward instead of leaving us stuck in the same place. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for the post, Tonya. Your info is the perfect jumpstart to my 2012. The time audit is a great idea and will no doubt be an eye-opener for me.

  17. A very appropriate article for me as well! I have had great challenges (as well as blessings) the last few years, and need to prioritize so that I can achieve what I want as well as simply what I need.

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