Color Your Work To Set It Apart

Do you use color in your work? Is it the same ole colorways you've always used or maybe you don't even use color other than with stones.

Certainly if you work in polymer, glass, resins, or ceramics you probably are comfortable with color or it's a primary element of your work. Many of you may strictly work in metal, but may be considering using another medium to incorporate with metal to:

  1. Add interest and set your work apart
  2. Decrease the cost of your materials (COGS)

I love following Pantone's seasonal forecasts because consumers are willing to try out these colors as the jewelry then will compliment the fashions they are buying.

They give you color combinations and themes. Best of all, it gives you the opportunity to change up your offerings with the same colors you always use, and step outside that comfort zone.

By trying new color patterns you might attract new customers, feel a revitalization of your work, and gain new insights to what consumers are wanting to purchase.

I recommend you keep track of which colorways sell better and which ones are more receptive to your customers.

Watch them as they enter your booth and check out your “views” columns on Etsy to see which items are the most popular by click throughs. What are they drawn to?

Here is Pantone’s 2011 forecast for Fall.  So go get your color on…

2 Responses to Color Your Work To Set It Apart

  1. Love the idea of color adding to my jewelry . I work with metal clay and copper to do enameling .
    This will give a new excuse ( as if I need one) to try different colors .
    Love all inr info I get from your emails.

  2. Thanks for a great article, Tonya. I went to the Pantone website to sign up for future forecasts and found an amazing amount of other helpful information there.

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