Do You C+C+C with Other Artists?


The theme for me this year seemed to be all about Connecting + Collaborating + Creating™. I guess “C” is my letter for the year!

You probably know that nearly everything in life is a marketing problem. When you are a baby you are marketing the idea of being fed, changed, and left to sleep. As you grow up you market for different things including electronics, spending money and time to be lazy or again to be left to sleep. At least that’s what I get at my house with a 15 year old!

Then we get busy selling ourselves to get the attention of someone special, to get into college or get that first job. Work our way up the ladder and make something of ourselves and achieve our dreams. We market hard to get that significant other, that home, that recognition for a job well done, etc.

Marketing is all about connecting. It’s about getting people to know, trust and like you!

In April I wrote an ezine, Where Do You Go To Collaborate and Connect?

It was all about having this vision for a place that my fellow artists could come and hang out to Connect + Collaborate + Create™. To share like the masters did at the great Cafe Guerbois, because so many of us work in isolation.

I wanted to give artists an opportunity to market their business through an invitation to post their FB, Twitter, Etsy and website links on any given Sunday. Then others can go like their page, visit their work and connect with them.

During the week, they are sent an invitation to a secret FB forum where they can join nearly 140 other artists to share, among other topics:

  • booth/show issues
  • pricing
  • firing issues
  • mastering techniques
  • purchasing supplies
  • supporting one another in business and life

The forum is not open to the public to read or post, so by creating a member only area, they have voiced that they feel safe and cared for by other members. This creates the “trust” so needed as a key ingredient to our growth. There have also been key relationships formed and even mentorship collaborations!

When the tragedy struck on May 23rd, in Missouri, with the tornado that killed 116 people and radically changed over 500 people’s lives, 20 of the Whole Lotta Whimsy Sunday Social Circle international artists stepped up and created a Charms for Charity project, led by Brooke Durham, Tracey Edwards, and Wanaree Tanner.

There are 6 unique charm bracelets being auctioned off. The first one’s auction ends next week. One will be unveiled each week, but don’t wait to bid! Get it while you can!

All proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to the Joplin Relief Fund through the Catholic Charities of St. Louis, MO.

Would you like to join the WLWSSC Group or support these incredible artists? Here’s how you can:

***If you were one of the 20 artists that donated work to the Charms for Charity Joplin Relief Fund project, please leave your links in a comment below so others can support you as well.

Don't forget to leave a comment and be entered to win the monthly FREE give-away drawing by Whole Lotta Whimsy!

11 Responses to Do You C+C+C with Other Artists?

  1. I'm so excited to be a part of this group and the charity project, I can't put into words what an honor it has been to be a part of such a powerful group of artists – and it seems it has only just begun…..

  2. Funny I should just find this. I've been in the process of thinking about and collaborating with a couple of artists I highly respect and am avidly anticipating the outcome. I also love FBing with other artists as well as the Crafthaus Forum and the MC Yahoo Group and WLW of course! The MCWC last month was all about connecting and I found it exhilarating and extremely valuable. Thanks so much for all of YOUR support.

  3. Tonya, thank you that you have chosen to create a place for artists to safely gather, share, and encourage each other to be creative. As a school teacher I find it difficult to "make" time or better allow time for myself to create. I appreciate your 3 C's as they may help me to reach this goal.


  4. I just want to say, as a newbie to the business side of creating, I really enjoy and appreciate being part of an amazing group of people. I have learned so much, it is like having all the experts right there with you as you create. Thank you for this wonderful collaboration of great minds.


  6. the sunday circle is a wonderful project, I know that connecting with other artisans is key to supporting others as we do our own creating. Life is easier when one creates "a background of relatedness". {getting to know one another and finding a common thread).

  7. Feeling safe and secure was what drew me to the WLWSSG and what a great decision that has turned out to be…..I have never been associated with such talent and professionalism and I truly feel that we are one big family. I was proud to be a part of the Joplin project and I know it will not be the last time this group bonds to help others in need. Thanks, Tonya, for providing us with the tools to CCC:O)

  8. I just found this site today and I'm really excited about it! One thing I don't understand though is how does one go about joining the group of artists that support one another? What a wonderful idea!

  9. The Sunday Circle has become a part of my daily life too. I often just check in to see what everyone is doing and to share my activities. It is a great place to ask questions, see other artists work and hear about their challenges. It was a great idea Tonya!

  10. This is such a supportive group! – a bright light in today's world. Thank you, Tonya and all the current and future members of the WLWSSC !

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