Book Review – Sensational Bead Embroidery

A yummy book!  Just look at the cover.  Love it!

A cumulation of 14 years of beaded body adornment shine through in Sherry Serafini's work.  Her surfaces are rich and lavish with masterful bead embroidery taking the stage.

This book by Lark covers all the fundamentals of this accessible craft and features 25 projects.  With the price of silver, I just might be tempted to pick up that beading needle once again!

I love what she has done with Kelly Russell's metal clay cabochon on page 35.  A great way to use less metal, but don't forget you are adding more labor.  However, that's part of the amazing art and is another way to set your work apart from others!

The book is now available.  Support your local bookstore and get your copy today!

One Response to Book Review – Sensational Bead Embroidery

  1. I LOVE beads, especially seed beads I horde them! Thanks for the review, I may have to get this book so I have something to do with all these beads! I agree with the price of silver going sky high I need to get my creative energies out in other ways.

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