Fun Demos at CHA

I'm *slowly* learning how to work my new video camera, my new blog, and how to manage back -to-back shows!   Whew…burning the candle at both ends.   I've been wanting to share these two videos on new products and demos that were inspiring at CHA.  I hope you will enjoy them!

Tim Holtz shows how to use his new Ranger Product, Distress Stains.  I'm pleased to be the owner of this autographed tag now too.  He shares some of his artistic vision and why he creates too during his demo.  A great new product for journaling and sprucing up your sketched pages with color!

[external-vfe name="GetCreativeAtCHA1-TimHoltz"]

This second video is a new product, Transfer Art Paper, that will be coming in, hopefully by the end of February.  This is a great product that will change the way we transfer pictures to all kinds of material.  Perfect for transfering to polymer clay, metal clay (patterns for piercing), to fired metal, and clay!  I'm very excited about this new product and all of its possibilities.

As you see you can draw or print out your image.  You can do this in color or black and white.  Then use all sorts of art materials to color in the images.  This entire picture can then be transferred to the material, with heat,  of your choice including fabric, glass, polymer, tissue paper, lutrador, etc.  This product won an award for being one of the top innovative new products at CHA this year.  Look for it to arrive soon!

[external-vfe name="GetCreativeAtCHA2"]

6 Responses to Fun Demos at CHA

  1. Tonya, these were soooooooo great! I'm really excited about the transfer paper for all kinds of reasons and the inks are amazing. I forwarded this link to several friends who love to stamp. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd be a stamper that Roxan mentioned… haha! 😉 Oh, I love these products! Wish I could've been at the convention… I'm sure there were TONS of fun and inventive things to see! Thanks for sharing, Tonya!!

  3. Melody are you referring to the inking that Tim is doing or the colors on the TAP?

    TAP can be printed, painted, colored etc. Then you use heat to transfer the images and colors straight to whatever surface you wish (glass, metal, cloth, etc). It comes with instructions. We are waiting on the new book to come in featuring this incredible award winning material! Why would anyone use any other transfer medium?

    With the inks that Tim is demonstrating, these are alcohol inks that we carry The way to integrate them into a metal clay piece would be to use them on another material (cloth, paper, leather, etc) and set that into the metal as the focal. If you used them on paper as Tim did on cardstock or grunge board, you could seal it with resin. You could also use one of our watch glass crystals and rivet it, tab set, or bezel set it onto the piece protecting the paper/ink creation. Not to mention that we also carry mica which can be cut to cover the image making it look really nostalgic and old.

    Your imagination is your only limiter as an artist. Time to get out those supplies and play!

    Let me know if I nailed your question or missed it altogether 😉

    Creative Blessings,


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