Monthly Archives: January 2011

Barbara Becker Simon – Master Muse Challenge #47

Barbara said "For this project I wanted to bring back a syringe technique I played with in 1999 when I made my first metal clay fish bead. I had just finished a cake decorating class and saw the kinship between the pastry bag and tip and the syringe! Yikes, that’s eleven years ago and I think it’s still a fun texture; hope you will too!”
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Donna Penoyer – Master Muse Challenge #46

"The word 'piercing' in metal work, though most often referring to what one does to sheet metal with a jeweler’s saw, instead reminds me of pushing a nail or skewer through something, such as in the making of those punched tin lanterns that cast patterns of light on the walls. When I got this assignment, my imagination immediately went toward a lantern shape, in the round, which I thought would make a lovely pendant and a challenging piercing experiment.
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Compass Words 2011- The Magic is on the Paper

Maybe you made a New Years Resolution and thought it would stick this time.  It's the 10th, and perhaps you've already experienced failure. Or maybe it's actually working this time. What will you do to keep the momentum going throughout the year? I've given up these silly traditions associated with failure and pixie dust. Instead… Continue Reading

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