7 Fashion Trends for Fall

I subscribe to many magazines.  Too many in fact!  I enjoy scanning them for inspiration and to see the latest trends.  I look at colors, shapes, materials, and how they fit into today's designs.  They are a great source of inspiration.  

However, I wouldn't say that most of us are trend designers.  We have our own style and we design what we like.  However, you can be inspired by trends and then add a little of that flavor into your work.  We are inspired by trends even if we don't design for the current season. Just look at how it influences the products that come to the market.

7  Trends for Fall 2010:

1. Charm bags and charms on bags!

Many bags have hanging charms instead of a scarf.  Monogram letters, enameled pieces, bold colorful, statement charms hanging from the handles.  This clutch has charms on chain, longer than the purse itself!

Crochet-bag Depechemodebag 

Dolce and Gabbana                                                  Tom Binns V Corto Moltedo

2. Gypsy and Gothic Mixture ala Stevie Nicks

Stevienicks  Skullrings 

Ralph Lauren  (Imaxtree: photo)                                             Luxury Venetian jewelry house, Codognato                 


3. Big Statement Jewelry

Yep this is still in fashion.  As long as there is a recession, big jewelry will be in fashion.  Make your statement in your work.  Try a new material with it and create something fun!

4. Stacked Rings

Good news for jewelry designers, this trend shows the fashionista wearing a ring on every finger and on some fingers, several rings!  Think big statement rings, not tiny stackable rings.

5. Classic Camel and Leopard


With leopard pattern and camel colors in fashion this fall, try leaning toward gold, bronze and copper.  This might be a better direction for this season's material than silver.  Or work your silver in with dark steel accents.

6. Leather and Glitz ala Depeche Mode


Moschino   (Imaxtree: photo) 


Work leather into your jewelry, fringe on chain, chain as fringe, sequins, and glitter with a rocker style.

7. Romantic Edge Baroque ala Prince

  001EL0710-FATDPrince-008  002EL0710-FATDPrince-013 

Balmain      (Imaxtree: photo)                                                           Loree Rodkin
Check out Elle.com for more fashion trends and images from the fall runway collections! 

What will you create this summer for your fall runway?  I can't wait to see your collection!



6 Responses to 7 Fashion Trends for Fall

  1. I've been using leather accents for about a year, as well as a few gothic touches and, yes, they DO sell. Charms are another big seller for me this year. Your predictions are spot on.

  2. The purse is a darling idea, I have many antiques metals and etc that would make this really one of a kind. Thanks, Carol

  3. Thank you for sharing these trends! I rarely follow trends, but I always enjoy seeing what comes down the runway. For instance, apparently the "IT" thing this year at the summer Fashion Week in Milan were ugly sandals…. some even paired with dingy looking socks. Sometimes I think Fashion hits it on the head and other times I think it misses completely.
    Thanks again for sharing these!

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