Sundays, are they a Summit for You?

How many of you get up Monday morning and get that feeling of overwhelm about all the things you have to do.  Does it depress you and by noon you are in a state of monkey mind?


I take the time on Sunday to climb to the top of the mountain where the view is clear.   Well, I don't actually scale a mountain.  However, I spend some quality time getting clear about my goals and intentions for the week…on paper.

Brain Tracy, who wrote Eat that Frog and the recent, No Excuses, writes that only 3% of the population write out their goals.  He also states that 3% of the population make more than 97% of the population combined.  Is there some correlation?  

Where do you keep your list of goals and expectations?  Do you commit them to paper?  It might just be the key ingredient you are missing to your success.

I don't know about you but I get a sick satisfaction from crossing accomplishments off my lists.  The problem I've always had was filling my list with goals and not action steps.  So there wasn't much to cross off each day and it was depressing to transfer them to the next day's list.  

I must have thought of myself as Wonder Woman!  Who else would put so many goals on a to-do list and expect to accomplish them in one day, one week or even one month!

I realized last year that by setting unrealistic expectations for myself, I was setting myself up for disappointment, which led to procrastination and all sorts of other negativity!  

So I'd like to share with you ways to make your week a little more enjoyable and to get the satisfaction of accomplishment.

5 Ways to a More Gratifying Week with your Sunday Summit:

#1 Be Grateful for your previous successes

-List your biggest accomplishment last week or name 3 small victories.  Attach feelings to the accomplishments.  Go ahead, congratulate yourself and feel good.

#2 Focus on your growth

-List your biggest realization or AHA moment last week?  What did you learn about yourself or a technique you learned from an encounter, a relationship, or an event?

#3  What is your biggest challenge this week?

-Write down how you'd feel or what the reward would be for facing the challenge and meeting it.  Your challenge doesn't need to be a big event.  Think small and do-able!  It's important to have success every week, big or small.

#4 Eliminate Goals, Instead Set Your Sights on Action Steps

-Name 3-5 action steps that you must do this week to get closer to your goals.  You cannot reach a goal if you don't work towards it daily.  Writing a book doesn't happen unless you write every day.  Losing weight doesn't happen unless you work out every day.  

#5 Systems = Success

-Schedule in your daily calendar, 50 minutes each day, when you will work on these action steps.  This is non-negotiable time which cannot be changed for anything.  It's like a doctor's appointment.  There are fees for cancellation! 

-If you can, schedule in all of your tasks and actions throughout the day.  45-50 minutes sections, out of 60 are ideal.  This leaves you 10-15 minutes each hour to get a drink, go to the bathroom, return calls, answer email, or just pet your dog.  Yep, I recommending wearing a timer and sticking to it!

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to hearing about your Sunday Summit!  You can scale anything if you start by putting one foot in front of the other.

8 Responses to Sundays, are they a Summit for You?

  1. Great ideas Tonya! If I can remember (is there an action step to a better memory?) I'll implement this next week. And I'll do it one day late this week. I have gotten a lot of stupid paperwork off my desk this morning – but it took until 11:00 to start on it. The mountain looked too high. But I do feel so much better now that most of it is done.
    Now if I can only get dressed to go to the post office!

  2. Thanks Tonya! Once again you have offered wonderful suggestions to help others grow and succeed. While I've done something like this sporadically, you have reminded me I must be more focused and consistent about it. It doesn't work to do it for two weeks, then skip a month…

  3. Tonya, so glad I have found you. It's always great to be reminded on ways to slow down, appreciate accomplishments and get ready for the next step. Fantastic post!

  4. Hi Tonya!
    I love this post. It is super helpful, and easy to action. I love what you said about taking a goal and breaking it into actions steps. That is a big shift – I agree, we are all guilty of writing down the unaccomplishable and then feeling bad about it. Thanks for sharing these tips. If I can add a Social Media plug – the steps you laid out work incredibly well when it comes to your social media marketing too. List it in small chunks, action them, cross them off and celebrate 😉

  5. Great post Tonya. I think your first step is my favorite one. As a Law of Attraction trainer, being grateful is our highest and strongest point of attraction. I'm glad you listed this first.

  6. Wow my vibration frequency must be high today, because it led me to your site. I have visited it often, but for some reason I am seeing areas that are very timely for me. I have known about this planning for years, alas, I guess I wasn't ready. I really appreciate your information and you for all the positive energy you exude ( your photo really does). Thank you.

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