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Topic: What is your most treasured piece of jewelry that you personally own, that is not your own personally created work?


What's a Blog Carnival?

It's a group of jewelers get that together via the web, once a month, to post on a topic that has to do with jewelry.  It's a fun way to hear different opinions from wonderful artists.  Hope you'll visit their sites and read their great blogs.  Please post a comment or two.  It's always great to know who is reading and your shared thoughts.

I am very sentimental.  I treasure so many things and therefore am a pack rat!  I love things that are made with love or something that was purchased because it has meaning and was selected with love just for me! 

My favorites: 

I love my wedding ring.  It's beautiful and given to me by my wonderful husband of 16 years.  He rocks and I am so lucky!  I love all the things he has given me.

I love the ring my parents gave me when I was 21.  The ring is a gold JKF Jr. coin set into a simple channel setting with two diamonds on each side.  The band was made from my father's melted down high school ring and a gold tooth he once had.  My grandfather smuggled the coin into the US in his cowboy boot which he purchased in Germany where he was from.  I love it.  It's simple, elegant, classical and historical.  I love history!

I have a black hills gold pearl ring that was my grandmother's.  My grandmother was a one-room school teacher and Sioux Indian from rural South Dakota.  The black hills represents her and the plight of my ancestors.  I love pearls and to me they are the most beautiful "stone".  It's also my birthstone.  I love that I am so much like her, that she would be proud of me, and that I have a small piece of her with me to enjoy.

I could list many pieces that are significant to me, but only because they have meaning.  They are not the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen (except my wedding ring), but they hold a place in my heart.  They remind me of my family past, to stay strong, to love, to have joy!

What holds a place in your heart?  Do tell 😉

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