Art of Marketing You- Selling

Are you a salesman? Do you hate the idea of selling your work? Wouldn't it be so much easier if you had a rep or could just have galleries call you wanting to sell your work for you? Ahhh…yes, we all can dream.


However, everyone one of us are sale people.  We have the basic skills.   We all practice it at one time or another in our lives. Most do it daily, they just don't think about it as a dreaded task.

Everyday, my now 14 year old spends a great deal of his time selling me on his ideas, desires and needs. Whether that is about buying his next game, eating his favorite food, or selling me on the idea that he needs to relax instead of doing his chores. He is selling constantly. He is a pro at selling!  

Think of babies.  Even though they cannot communicate, they are selling you on their needs.

Now think about how often you talk to your significant other, children, teachers, employees, friends. You might talk about where to go to dinner, what movie to see, politics, etc. You are usually selling them on an idea or action or a desire. Life is a sale.  It's something we do all the time.  It's not something to dread.  We are sharing our passion with someone else…a part of us.  It's fun and it's rewarding.

Now, some of us are obviously better than others. How good are you at selling? Do you use the right wording? the right attitude? and is there a vibration of optimism and happiness being generated by your heart, mind and body?  You gotta love it to be successful at it.  That must resonate at the very prime of where it starts…with your creation.

The next time you buy something, tip someone, or sign up for something, I want you to write down why you did it. What did they say, do, and how did you feel. That's your homework for this week.  I think you'll find this to be an amazing exercise.  Send me your findings and comments on this exercise.  

Next Monday we'll visit about wording, gestures, and ideas for selling.  It's a 24/7 job, but someone's got to sell you!  

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