The Most Influential Metal Artist or Teacher

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My name is Tonya Davidson and I am an information junkie.  I have yet to find a 12 step program for what consumes me….not that I would want to be cured of it!

I take a lot of workshops and feel that learning is never complete.  I seek out influence by others whether it's spiritual, business, art-related, or political.  I don't always adopt what they are teaching but I am open to new ideas and opinions.  I seek the gem or nugget that is present in each teacher's teaching and expound on that gem, like a necessary ingredient.  I mix it all in the goulash pot!  It then simmers until the day I might need it.  

I also read a lot of books, magazines, and forums to absorb other peoples opinions, gems of knowledge or possible ideas that can be tweaked in my own way.  I must also mention that I am also influenced by tools.  

I will often wander through tool catalogs and hardware shops wondering what I could do with that tool or component.  When using a new tool, it will often teach me many things about myself, how it's used and what not to do with it!  Tools and mediums are excellent teachers!  They can teach you resolve, determination, and show you perhaps a new technique that no one has yet tried.  

I am definitely an experimenter and if told that something doesn't work, will try it once usually to test the theory myself.  I am possibly my best teacher, often of what not to do!

Here is a long list of teachers that I have had in art, specifically jewelry making, not including my college years.  Frankly I don't remember my college professor's names so they couldn't have influenced me the way that the others on this list did.  Sad, but true.  

All of the teachers on "the list" have influenced me in some way or another.  I've learned a lot of things from their collective experiences and hours at their medium.  I don't know that one stands out more than another as the most influential.  The teachers whose work I am drawn too, have influenced me the most I'm sure.  

I am drawn to the work of Harold O'Connor, Andy Cooperman, Bronwen Heilman, Keith Lo Bue, Linda Darty, among many others who may not be popping into my head at this time.  I am also influenced by artists who are friends, whom I admire and seek to emulate the entire package of their goodness, such as Bronwen, Celie Fago, Tim McCreight, and Robert Dancik. 

I will continue to seek out the next artist or teacher that may influence my work, my character, my dreams!  I recommend, if you can afford it, to also do the same.  It fills my well and feeds my soul!

What feeds your soul?  I would truly love to hear it.  Please post a comment for me 😉


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  1. Tonya, great post. Yes, there are zillions of influental artist/teachers. It was hard for me to pick out just one. But, hey, I like yours too.
    Have a great Holiday weekend.

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