Virtual Sketching


Okay, I must admit to being a complete computer dunce. My 12 year old even makes me look pitful….but alas he takes after his computer genius father. Which brings me to another new goal this fall is to become more computer savvy especially with photoshop or a similar program. I've just had my eyes opened to all the possibilities for design….virtual sketching.

Ricky Frank showed us how to take your sketches from your notebook, scan them into the computer and then using photoshop, manipulate them onto jewelry shapes. He also showed us how to take images and import them into your work for line work, design and more. He uses this method to bend wires, plan out designs, colors, textures, etc. He also showed us how to take photos of finished pieces and use them to copy and paste into new possible designs to see how they look before you even start working on a physical piece. It was really interesting to be able to see color combinations, patterns and layout of a finished piece that really doesn't even exist!


Did you know that the Mendocino Arts Center features Photoshop classes for the artist. They have a great Digital Arts Program. If you are interested they've got weekend classes and will show you the ropes. You can also check out your local community college if you are available for the upcoming 15 week semester. I'm sure there are other ways to learn and I'm all ears (hint…please post in the comments section). It's a great idea.

I've always known about using the computer to generate patterns for textures. However, now I'm excited about using them for so much more. I never expected computers to have such importance in the future of my art work. I am excited and look forward to the possibilities. I'll share them as I experience them. You share too! Hopefully I'll find a good class and time to take one. Genius husband of course is gifted in graphic design, but isn't that patient with not-so-genius wife/artist. Maybe my 12 year can show me a thing or two in between football plays! One can dream.

Til next time…from Arrowmont…in the smoky mountains of Tennessee….cheers!

PS- don't forget to check out the new pictures in the Arrowmont photo gallery!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for that link! Keep them coming everyone. I would like for this blog to be a resource for lots of different things. I appreciate you sharing and I'll be sure to go and spend some quality time checking out the site.

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