Monthly Archives: August 2008

More input…more input!

I love technical books. My bookshelves overfloweth with ideas, theories, techniques, inspiration, and more. I am reminded of that movie Short Circuit, 1986, where Number 5, the robot, is voraciously reading every book exclaiming "more input..more input"? This is exactly how I feel when I go for my weekly fix at Borders or Barnes and… Continue Reading

Time- where does it go?

Where does time go when you are having so much fun? I've been at Arrowmont for the last two weeks, learning amazing new things, and meeting amazing new people. I am now sitting in the airport in Tennessee waiting to return home. I hope to share some of the new things I learned in future… Continue Reading

Virtual Sketching

Okay, I must admit to being a complete computer dunce. My 12 year old even makes me look pitful….but alas he takes after his computer genius father. Which brings me to another new goal this fall is to become more computer savvy especially with photoshop or a similar program. I've just had my eyes opened… Continue Reading

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