Monthly Archives: July 2008

Arrowmont-Day 3

I have really great childhood memories of camp. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? It was a great part of my childhood. However the good news is that you don't have to grow up and it's not too late if you didn't get to go. There's camp for adults! Arrowmont is a… Continue Reading


Beautiful, don't you think? On our way home we pulled into this Love's gas station outside Amarillo which is also about a mile from the famous cadillac ranch. I jumped out of my car quickly as I noticed the truck and trailer carrying these beauties were leaving. I grabbed my camera because I had to… Continue Reading

PMC Guild Conference- Fun Times

Well the party is over and we're back on the road again. The conference was great! I had a fantastic time meeting so many wonderful people and also getting to see familiar faces again! Everyone was cheerful and seemed to have a great time. There was lots of sharing, comparing notes, and great comraderie! I've… Continue Reading

Bronze Clay

Bronze Clay….it's all the rage and will be debuted at the PMC Guild Conference! Most can hardly wait. It's got quite a buzz surrounding it! The inventor, Bill, was the most popular man at the Bead and Button show in June with women even asking for his autograph. From what I've been told, every attendee… Continue Reading

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