Monthly Archives: July 2008

Arrowmont-Day 3

Shazamm- Being More Creative


PMC Guild Conference- Fun Times

Excitement at the PMC Conference Rio classes

Cool New Work-Angela Baduel Crispin

Bronze Clay

Bronze Clay….it's all the rage and will be debuted at the PMC Guild Conference! Most can hardly wait. It's got quite a buzz surrounding it! The inventor, Bill, was the most popular man at the Bead and Button show in June with women even asking for his autograph. From what I've been told, every attendeeContinue Reading

PMC Conference- off to our last show for the year

We are nearing the final hours in preparation to leave for Purdue which happens to be in West Lafayette, Indiana. It will take us 30 hours of driving, not including fuel and food breaks. This amounts to about 3 full days in a vehicle. This wouldn't be so bad if the drive was interesting butContinue Reading

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